FAQ -Law Finder

What does Law Finder contain?
  Law Finder covers Supreme Court of India from 1950 (almost total), Privy Council from 1836, All High Courts of India from 1950 besides number of Tribunals and Commissions (DRT, CAT, Consumer Commissions, Intellectual Property, Revenue Boards, Financial Commissioners, Trade Mark Registry, Patent Offices, Armed Forces Tribunal and this list is not compelete.
Over 50% cases are decided in last 10 years.


What is the size of Database?
  Law Finder has about 6,50,000 full text of cases. This Database is growing at speed of over 5000 to 6000 cases every month. It is all transparent and visible on the interface of Law Finder


How Is Law Finder Updated?
  A Fresh DVD is sent to every customer, every month. New DVD full data and full software.


What is the unfair advantage about Law Finder ?
  Law Finder with its huge data and capability empowers you so much that soon you realize the advantage you have over the people who do not possess Law Finder. This is based on user feed back.


How the cases in Law Finder are integrated with each other

Once an important issue is decided in a case it becomes a precedent. It is followed or referred to by the Courts in future. Law Finder tracks every case where ever it has been followed or referred.

All the cases discussed before deciding a case are also tracked by simple Hyperlinking.

This way Law Finder interlinks all the cases that depend on each other.


Why Law Finder has classified the cases subject wise

Law Finder Classified the data in four separate groups Civil, Criminal, Service & Labour and Rent initially for historical reasons as it originated for four different Law Journals.

Classification suited well while searching e.g. word "bonafide" in rent cases may have entirely different sense then in service or labour law, hence the same was permanently retained


How to find overruled cases with Law Finder?
  Law Finder displays overruled cases in pink background so that you do not make a mistake about it. Law Finder also provides direct link to the overruling case with the help of a Bouncing smiley. Just click on the Bouncing smiley.


What does Law Finder do with Relied and Followed cases?
  Law Finder maintains a forward and backward link between relied and relaying cases with the help of a Bouncing smiley. Just click on Dancing Smiley and relaying cases will open.

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