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A trusted name in law books in India since 1967 is now at the forefront of computerization of legal profession.

Law Reporters, Digest, Commentary books, Competition books, Books for Law students and now software for Lawyers, Judicial officers, Law officers, Consultants and Amateurs. Touching every sphere of law Civil, Criminal, Service, Labour and Rent Control Laws.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Chawla Publications started the law reporting revolution in 1967 with launch of “All India Rent Control Reporter” an idea that was imitated by several publishers all over India. The journal was brain child of Chawla’s and its success led to flood of journals on the subject and cheap imitations all over India. This was the trigger that led to publications of several journals on different subject like Service Labour, food adulteration, Hindu Law, Arbitration etc.

Again Chawla Publications was first among law book publishers of India to step into cyber space with launch of “supremecourtonline.com” as early as 1997 when internet revolution had just began not to mention that the idea was imitated by several publishers all over India. The event made a big news in frontline national media at that time when official website of supreme court was not even on drawing board.

Chawla Publications Launched its first e-publication in 1998 with “Dishonour of Cheques – Total Cases” on Compact Disc, again flood of imitations followed.

Taking its e-Publications venture to its logical limits Chawla Publications developed Law Finder search engine specially tailor made for legal text in the year 2000 and launched several software containing full text to cases decided by Supreme Court of India and High Courts.

Its simplicity and highly user friendly interface revolutionised the way Law Libraries are maintained and kept in India.

Library Edition of famous Law Finder became biggest melting pot of judicial pronouncements in India with every kind of judgments civil or criminal decided by Supreme Courts and High Courts. With its ease of use and time saving and confidence building capability it has the live changing effect on the legal professionals.

The Revolution is not over, more features and more case law is being added the Law Finder every day, ask any user and he will swear by it….

With your esteemed support revolution is not over yet it continues……


Bhagatjit Singh


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